Vehicle Gunfighting 2 (Ambush/Counter Ambush)

July 18, 2020
2 Days


Pete Lanteri
Lead Firearms Instructor


Calverton, NY   View map


In Vehicle Gunfighting 1 we focused on the every day carry individual and vehicle gunfighting. Learning how to best defend against a threat while properly using your vehicle to your advantage. In Vehicle Gunfighting 2 we focus solely on ambush/counter ambush training and react to contact drills in a partner and team setting. Drills will be conducted using both handgun and rifle platforms. Teams will consist of two to four individuals per vehicle depending on the drill. Multiple vehicles will be utilized in these drills at times. The goal of the course is to understand the fast paced and quickly changing environment of mobile engagement. Team leaders will be faced with having to make quick decisions, delegate authority where needed and employ the tools at their disposal to ensure the safety of the team out of the contact zone. The teams ultimate survival will depend on the team leader best accessing the situation, reading it for what it is, and making the right decisions on when to stay and fight or when to leave the contact zone.