All Active Shooter Defensive Pistol Firearms

Defensive Pistol 1


The first class in our tactical carbine course. Build your tactical carbine foundation with this class. Student will learn about equipment placement, shooting form, mag change drills and the different types of mag changes, malfunction drills, hammered pairs shooting drill, 3 shot shooting drill, shoot and move drill and many others. This class prepares you […]

Defensive Carbine Course


Our Defensive Carbine Course is a three class course we cover in one weekend focusing on the use of a carbine in a tactical and defensive posture. Designed to introduce the student to the world of tactical shooting, students are immersed in a structured course of instruction starting with the principles and ending with team coordination […]

Advanced Stress Combatives Course


This two day course is geared for the advanced shooter who wants to seriously challenge themselves. You must have passed our Defensive Carbine Course and Defensive Pistol Course or have similar qualifications to attend. In this advanced course you will learn how to maintain accuracy while encountering distractions and experiencing extremely elevated levels of both […]