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This is our initial tracking class. The first class in our three class course on tracking, combat tracking and counter tracking. In this class you will start with classroom instruction on the history of tracking and terms that will be used in the class like high/low sign, debris field, sign disturbance, sign transference and more. You will learn the different applications tracking can be used in such as a military, search and rescue, law enforcement and even hunting game aspects of tracking. When your classroom instruction is finished you will move outside for instruction on “the box”, is the track running/walking, woman/man/child/combo of all, is the subject injured, how to tell weight of subject and if they are carrying a load, best way to look at sign depending on sun position and time of day, direction of travel and much more. You will learn the 3 best ways to pick up the sign should you lose it during the track. By the end of day one you will have enough knowledge to get started on field trials for day two and three. Day two is strictly scenario based training with guided exercises. You will start tracking your subjects. Lots of assistance from the instructors as you start your tracking field exercises. With day three comes more of the same but at this point the instructors take a back seat and you are making your own decisions more. While they are there to help you, they want to see that you are progressing and tracking on your own more. You will lose the track at various times during day two and three. Don’t get discouraged. Use the methods taught you to reacquire the track. Know when to use what method. By the end of the class you will be proficient in reading and tracking sign and then ready for class 2, Advanced/Combat Tracker.

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