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The second class in our three class course on tracking/counter tracking. While class one focuses mainly on initial classroom instruction, drills and tracking under instructor supervision, this class will focus more on advanced techniques, the student tracking by himself and added instruction on combat tracking as part of a tracking team complete with tracker, team leader, rear and flank security.  You will start with a review of class one. You will do some initial tracking to make sure you have retained what you learned from class one. “The Box” will be reviewed also. Next subjects such as land nav, map reading/drawing and compass use will be covered. It is very easy to pay so much attention to the sign that you lose your situational awareness, direction, etc. Having these skills will help you always know exactly where you are. Too many people rely on technology these days. Don’t be one of those people. Have the skills to use old school techniques combined with technology to stay on the track. You will be doing a lot more tracking in difficult terrain in this class. Cant always rely on seeing a full or partial print. You will have to track seeing nothing more than sign disturbance or sign transference in this class. Its slow and tedious. Its easy to lose patience. Just take it slow and look for that overturned pebble or broken twig. Notice and high sign that might help you. We want you to have the ability to track just as well without a print as with one.

The second half of the class is all on Combat Tracking. Here you will work in a five man tracking team. You will do every job in that team from team leader to tracker and security. Here hand signals rule the dayYou may not be able to speak so the team needs to conduct the job only using hand signals at times. You will learn how to use your flank security to help reacquire the sign ahead of you should you lose the sign. You will learn how to track while keeping an eye out for booby traps and IEDs by maintaining your situational awareness. Simulated force on force may also be conducted in this class.

By the end of class two you have gained the skills to track in very difficult terrain and worked in a combat tracking team. In class three you will learn how to counter track. You will be the hunted but will leanr the skills to throw the hunters off.

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