What Student's Say

I invited Defense Techniques Academy to Colorado to teach their Defensive Carbine course. It was an excellent class. Pete and Carlos did a great job getting all the students up to speed on the fundamentals before moving on to moving, shooting, communicating, use of cover and shooting positions. The class was well structured and moved at a very manageable pace. I'm very impressed with Deftech Academy and would recommend them to anyone. I will be writing a full review of the class on our website if you are interested in more details about this company and this course.
Isaac Chase
Pete and Carlos were great instructors. Learned a lot while laughing with them and the other students. I learned lots of very useful techniques and several tips that are going to help me in every day shooting as well as defensive shooting. These guys are great at what they do, and not uptight. Great teachers and am looking forward to taking more classes through them in the future.
Ian Trowell
Took the active shooter course this weekend. It was very informative, and physical. Carlos knows his stuff. You will sweat, but you will learn. This is the kind of training that everyone should do. This is the 2nd course I've taken with Deftech, and it won't be the last. I'm very happy with them.
Rich chioffe
I just finished the active shooter defense course and I feel much better about having to protect my students and not be sitting ducks. This course should be on every school district’s professional development list.
Deb Carleton
Gilberto Padilla
President / AGA Environmental Inc
I've taken three classes with Pete. Defensive Pistol, Defensive Carbine and Fighting in and Around Vehicles. I've loved every class! Pete is thorough, patient and drives home the important points with both repetition and explaining why.
I can not praise his class and teaching methods enough. I'll keep taking his classes to hone my own skills and learn more.
Do yourself a huge favor and take at least one of Pete's classes! You'll be very glad that you did!
Kirk Whatley
Defensive Pistol, Defensive Carbine and Fighting in and Around Vehicles / Whatley Training LLC
On Saturday August 19, 2017, I took the Low Light/No Light Handgun Class. Carlos Roman was the instructor for the class. I grew up shooting handguns but it had been years since I last shot. I wanted to take a class that was fun, focused on the fundamentals, and could help me ease back into the feel of shooting a handgun. This class was all those things and more! Carlos is a really knowledgeable, caring, and easy going guy. Carlos took the time to give one on one instruction when it was needed and helped me make adjustments that I used to shoot more efficiently and accurately. I took The knowledge and confidence I gained from his class and recently shot EXPERT and the top score in my Correctional Officer Academy class. I absolutely recommend Deftech Academy curriculum and training.
Jonathan Adams
So this past weekend we drove up to flaggstaff so I could take a class from a good friend of mine, Carlos M. Roman, who works for DefTech Academy.

The class was low light pistol techniques, and it was both challenging and very informative. Carlos covered a wide variety of topics, from light selection and weapon sights to a variety of ways to hold a light, as well as engaging threats to the sides and rear. It was a six hour course, and while I was tired at the end, from what I could see all of us students had a great time and learned a lot.

I, personally, had some issues early on due to the fact I have had a :little: training and experience with shooting in low light, but I found that by using a different technique I learned at class my accuracy went up by quite a bit.

In conclusion I would whole heartedly recommend DefTech Accademy, and Carlos M. Roman as an instructor particularly, to any of my friends who are looking to either learn new defensive skills (including newer techniques that might have been developed more recently) or brush up on skills they might have let get rusty.

Justin E Simmons-Stuber
I took the carbine class, My instructor was Pete Lanteri. I have to say it was so worth the money. I am a beginner in shooting. Pete Lanteri took the time to explain My errors and correct them. He is a amazing instructor, and very knowledgeable when it comes to training. I highly recommend taking the course.
Just finished the Defensive Carbine I, II, and III this past weekend. I am somewhat new to the AR world, and as such, the training was an eye-opener. I learned not only how to better handle my rifle, but several modifications that made it easier to handle.

The entire course was built around safety, yet there was a tremendous amount of shooting done. We had one gentleman in our class who had never handled an AR, yet within 3 hours he was shooting like he'd been carrying one for years!

If you are searching for a training organization, I would HIGHLY recommend these Instructors. You will NOT be disappointed!!

Eric Johnston
I took defensive carbine 1 today and the class was truly incredible. Pete Lanteri was an amazing instructor. He individualized the training to fit and correct each students short comings.
I have been shooting static for years. He taught me proper tactical stance, tactical reloads and movement based shooting. I WILL be returning to take what ever classes he and this organization will put out in the future.
Rob Hagon
I've taken Petes training a couple of times now and he is as good as they come. He has the ability and knowledge to turn any entry level student into a confident shooter who leaves with skills that you can't find anywhere else. If you are looking for a great company and instructor then deftech and Pete are where you're search should end.
Doug Munroe
The classes were AWESOME, I learned a lot from the instructors I worked with.
Ryan Settlemire
If you are looking for some top notch training these are the men you want. I came into training with basic knowledge of my firearms and gear. Pete and Chris know what they are doing it doesn't matter if you are new to firearms or a trained veteran you will leave knowing so much more. After training I was no longer timid about my firearms because I knew how to solve most problems I would encounter on the field, they also showed me that the gear I had previously wasn't suitable for my needs. So like I said if you are looking for a more I depth style of training Pete and Chris are the men you want!
I have had all my guys take Carbine 1 and 2 with Pete and Chris. Will be taking Carbine 3 in the Spring. These guys are knowledgeable, professional and experienced in what they train. They keep an eye on everything that is going on, because they realize safety is key. I would trust my life on their training, and trust my guys with my life because of this training. Cant wait for the next round of training.
Larry Cleveland
Some where in the USA
Took the class last September with Pete and Chris, these two gentlemen are top notch. Right the beginning they set the tone on safety and what they expect as instructors. Its been 20 years since I last strapped up boots with Army and boy how fighting styles have changed. Yet they make that transition seamless with their laymen style verbiage and patients. I can tell you I have 30 + years of shooting under my belt and they taught this old dog how to be better. I truly suggest if you are even slightly thinking about any further firearms training these are the guys you want and this is the training you need. I can't thank them enough.
Jeff Roy
7 year Army Vet with two combat tours, Communist State of Massachusetts
The class we took was great. Personalized training and focus was put on each student as if they were the only one there. I highly recommend taking one of the DEFTECH classes you will not be disappointed. Coming from a world with no formal training the instructors do not slack on safety and the basics of each particular weapons system. Thank you guys for all your hard work and dedication!
Randy Simonson
After taking my 1st class with DEFTECH I can say with certainty it will not be my last. The instruction I received was individualized to my needs and abilities as much as a multi student class can be. Without singling anyone out as an example, the instructor took each opportunity to teach us all about our bad habits and how to break them. I am looking forward to progressing through the whole range of offerings that DEFTECH offers and highly recommend you give them consideration for your training needs.

Charles Constantine

Charles Constantine
I took the Carbine 1 course on 12/27. I had Pete Lanteri as my instructor. He is a very smart, knowledgeable, caring, hands on instructor. He quickly realized some of the errors I was making out of a class of about 15 people and gave me some good tips and tricks to correct said errors. I learned a few new things and am very happy. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and can't wait for the next class
Pete Kaercher
On December 27th 2015, I took a defensive carbine 1 class taught by Mr. Pete Lanteri. All I have to say is outstanding! It didn't matter if you were a beginner or have been shooting for years. He was very thorough in explaining every drill and gave me little tips here in there for huge improvements on my shot placements. I learned new things all class long. There was never any negativity during the class, always positive even if mistakes were made. All in all I would highly recommend taking any of his classes, male or female and no matter what skill level you are at. Great class and great instructor
Pete Cristiano