Fire Team Leadership and Tactics (FLAT)

September 9, 2023
2 Days


Pete Lanteri
Lead Firearms Instructor


Richmond, NH   View map



The FLAT course centers on how to effectively lead a fire team of four persons and maneuver the team in the battle space. The fire team is the smallest organized unit of the American military infantry unit. Each team member must learn how to run the team in case the team leader becomes incapacitated. In this two day course you’ll learn what it takes to lead by example. With these skills you can properly take over a team that has become leaderless in the fight. You will learn hand signals, troop formations and how to move your team, adjusting their formations on the move depending on the terrain in a quiet manner. Once the engagement commences (live fire drills) you must lead your team and respond effectively while deciding to stay and fight or leave the battle space depending on a variety of factors that you as the team leader must identify quickly to ensure the safety of your team. You have to be able to read the fight. Hesitancy kills.

Topics covered:


*Hand Signals

*Fire Team Formations

*Team Control

*Reading The Battle Space