After The Fight

May 22, 2021
2 Days


Pete Lanteri
Lead Firearms Instructor


New Hampshire   View map


In our class “After the Fight”, we delve into subjects other schools rarely talk about. In fights of squad size and higher, the team must be well trained in immediate action after the shooting stops. Many actions will need to be immediately implemented including posting security, treatment of wounded/recovery of dead, dealing with prisoners, ACE reports, etc. We will cover all of the aspects of what needs to be done following an engagement. This is must have knowledge for the serious student in advanced firearms training. You’ve no doubt learned from taking classes that we fall back to our training in stressful incidents. The same is true AFTER and not just DURING a gunfight. A well trained, cohesive unit will immediately switch from “engagement” to “after engagement management” without missing a step. This obviously is only possible with solid leadership, a well trained team and repetitive training.

We start with training in each subject that must be covered such as security, are there wounded (friendly/ enemy), are their dead (friendly/enemy), intel gathering, threat of counter attack, ACE reports, etc. Once all aspects have been covered we start with live fire rehearsals with a heavy emphasis on actions after that last round is fired. We work out the kinks of the team and end the course with scenarios involving live fire drills and after engagement management. This is a must have course for the serious team that consistently trains together or the individuals tasked within their team to learn exactly this style course.