Carlos Roman

Carlos Roman is a current DHS instructor, former Top Shooter winner in the US Army and several law enforcement agencies. Current firearms instructor assigned to training the US Border Patrol. He has over 20 years of experience in martial arts and firearms instructing as well as many other areas of expertise. Earned his black belt in American Kenpo in 1998. It is his goal to reach the pinnacle of every martial art, Truth in Combat. His vast expertise and knowledge will greatly benefit us and you, the student.


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AZ-ASCC Advanced Stress Combatives Course 2 Days October 16, 2021
AZ-LL Low/No Light Combatives 1 Day November 21, 2020
VA-DPC Defensive Pistol Course 2 Days April 18, 2020
AZ-DCC Defensive Carbine Course 2 Days May 11, 2019
AZ-VCQB1 Vehicle CQB (Handgun) 2 Days April 13, 2019
NY-IG Injured Gunfighter 2 Days April 13, 2019
AZ-IG Injured Gunfighter 1 Day March 9, 2019