Thumb Break - Model TB-01

Thumb Break – Model TB-01


Increase your accuracy while “C-Clamping” by giving your thumb a stable platform to rest against. Real world training involves multiple shot drills which requires better control of recoil. You can achieve this better by “C-Clamping”.

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Forgetting to “C-Clamp” during training? Not “C-Clamping” and want better accuracy? Then use our patented Thumb Break. Simply snap this accessory onto your top rail as far forward as you can, then rest your thumb of your support hand in the valley for better control during your hammered pair and three shot or more drills. “C-Clamping” is a proven technique that provides better accuracy during multiple shot drills. By using this technique and locking your support arm out you are bracing that rifle to put rounds into tighter groups as long as you have a fast trigger pull. We have found that just by simply having this piece on our clients rifles, it subconsciously helps them to remember to “C-Clamp” thus achieving muscle memory. If you desire real world training, then the days of single shot firing are over. Multiple shot drills are a must nowadays and the best way to handle that recoil is through “C Clamping”. And as your barrel shroud and rails heat up, the Thumb Break does not allow heat to transfer through it thus allowing you to maintain control of that rifle by having your thumb resting on a non heated surface.

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