Vehicle CQB


Vehicle CQB

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Learn how to successfully engage threats from both the inside and outside of vehicles.


Beginner class designed to teach the student how to react and engage to threats from in and around vehicles.  We will also teach how to maintain situational awareness while reacting to such threats.  With this 2 day class you will have a solid foundation in your vehicle gun fighting playbook to build upon.   We initially cover the movements and positions you will use in this class and help you master them prior to your dry fire engagement drills.   Then we move you on to our Airsoft drills where our instructors will act as your threat.   You will be taught how to react to an instant threat both from inside and outside the vehicle.   We also will demonstrate the ballistics of different calibers when shot into vehicles to let you see first hand how they react.  Bullet deflection will also be covered.   Live fire drills will include engaging everything from single to multiple threats using all the different positions you have learned both from inside and outside the vehicle.  Make no mistake, glass WILL fly in this class.

This is a very physically demanding class, especially on the legs.   If you plan on taking this class we recommend that you improve your conditioning 30 days or more prior to the class date.

NEEDED:   Handgun, holster (any type, shoulder type also acceptable), 300 rounds of ammo, eye/ear protection, appropriate footwear (no sandals)





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