Active Shooter

Active Shooter



Run! Hide! Fight! is the mantra of the day for Active Shooter situations. It’s taught in law enforcement, business and civilian classes alike. Are you certain you could react instinctively in an Active Shooter situation and immediately know which one of those fits best for you at that particular moment? Are you willing to bet your life on it? How is your situational awareness as you go about your daily activities? Our Active Shooter course will help you answer these and many more questions on surviving an Active Shooter situation.

Active Shooter Learning Points:

  • Learn to recognize and Active Shooter and distinguish between the different types.
  • Learn how to react to an Active Shooter
  • Use improvised weapons against an Active Shooter
  • Practice CQB skills
  • Practice different movement drills
  • Learn and practice room clearing, threshold evaluation and dynamic entry
  • Learn to work as part of a team to engage an Active Shooter
  • Learn different formations
  • React to an ambush
  • Participate in various realistic force on force scenarios